In Conversation With: Lauren Day

In Conversation With: Lauren Day

We recently worked with colourist Lauren Day and photographer Richard Gaston on the Observing Colour project, here Lauren gives us an insight into her unique creative process and how she approached the collaboration

"Responding to Richard’s landscapes with a series of colour wraps was an instinctual process that encouraged me to explore beyond the palettes I expected to see. The nuance of colour within the section of each image that I chose to focus on, offered extensive detail and interesting layers of colour.

Observing what I see before wrapping and unwrapping single threads to build each palette is a delicate process. One that depends on the light and often reflects my mood. For this series, some emerged rapidly and intuitively felt ‘right’, while others involved a slower process of trial and error of many threads to find balance. Trusting that the palette is accurate only on the day it is created, based on my eye and the light that I’m creating it in, allows me the freedom to explore how I’m feeling while I’m responding to the colour. Spending so much time with each of Richard’s prints in this particular project was special, as I felt I was moving through the image while wrapping, getting a sense of what it would feel like to be within the vast landscape or touching the thick horses mane. The proportion and scale felt engaging, constantly drawing me inwards and outwards.

Handing over the work to Jennifer, I was excited to see how those micro palettes would translate on a larger scale. The process of editing such a vast range of colours, while retaining the mood of the original palette is an interesting challenge.

A connection exists between Richard’s instinct to capture each image, my interpretation of the colour within one small section of each print, and Jennifer’s careful translation to textile - through the act of observing and the tactile quality of the material/subject.”

Check out more of Lauren's beautiful work on her instagram @laurendaystudio